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Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Guys, I did update but LJ lost it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Friday, February 25, 2005

11:45PM - Sleepover

Hey LJ, tis Charni and Fe here

Hmmm, today. Well my (Charni) day today was appalling, really really terrible. Then, Fe came over and we got Papa John's in Fleet, which was yummy. Aaaand, then we went to a gig at the Maltings, the lineup being as follows:
Silo Zane
Plastic Toys

Oh my god. I haven't been to a gig that boring in my life, and also I was in a crappy mood, Fe wasn't in a happy mood, and everything was pretty crap. Sanitarium were too appalling for words, and so this started the evening off on a bad note. Oh and what made the gig even worse, just remmeber, is that the venue obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word 'heating'. Bloody freezing in there. Oh haha, Fe's dad dropped us there, and he went through the wrong way on the one-way system, and when Fe pointed this out he just said 'oh well' in a Welsh accent which made me giggle. And then, cuz the doors weren't open, Fe and I paced the car park 3 times round, and I managed to step into the middle of a min-lake that had formed in the centre of the car park, why the hell I didn't see it I don't know. Probably cuz it was dark and my eye sight is poor, I have the same kind of eyesight that a bat is gifted with. I'm sorry, I am in a really crappy mood. Oki, anyways, onto the gig... So yeah, Sanitarium, POOR. So there we were sitting round some crappy lil table that woudn't stop wobbling when you put drinks on it (grrrrr) and we were expecting the place to fill out with people more. This however was not the case - about 50 people were probably there. And we wewre one of the youngest people, every one else were like old men and women, I felt so out of place :( I didn't feel that great anyway, I was shivering, bored out of my mind, tired, didn't know that many people (which I hate), and poor music was playing. Great.
Plastic Toys were next, and the singer had such perdy hair, and me and Jennie spent ages trying to figure out where we recognised him from, but never really came to any conclusion. Also, Fe fell in love with the bass the girly was playing, however we decided that the girl wasn't pretty, and so: great bass, bad face. But yeah, they were quite cool, at least it made the time go a bit quicker. A word that sums up their set that only Fe will get is, 'pulsing vein'
Next band, Silo Zane, I didn't see them, I was outside, again shivering my arse off.
Next, Karn8...
And then, we went home. And now me and Fe are here, writing this LJ entry, and we have just polished off a big pack of cheese straws. I'm in a really sad mood, Fe's in a meh mood, and we're gonna eat loads.
So, in conclusion, today = poorest day of the week so far. Trust me, that's saying a lot.

Bye guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

8:12PM - Boredom...

Hey LJ

Hehe how cute are the lil cat emotions. Hmm today (I really am sorry for posting so much, but I actually don't have anything better to do right now and so I might as well do this).. erm I listened to the Snow Patrl album Tom v kindly leant me - aww it's really nice, I love 'Run' but it's so sad. Great album though. French was good today too, all I did was talk to people. Ummm.. Maths was boring..errm.. Bio was interesting heh, Rich just going 'Charrrrrrly/Uncle RaeRae' to us :S we were like aaah!
Eng was boring too. I really don't think anything interesting happened today! I love Fe's posts, they're really lovely. Hmm.. I'm actually talking for the sake of it now
Tomorrow night is Le Maltings, so that should be cool, going with Fe and Marco, I want to see Plastic Toys, I've heard good things about them. I really don't think there's anything else to say, I may update later if there is actually point in me doing so.
Haha, I'm sorry guys I've written so much about nothing

Love Charni
ps Thanks Han so much for your lovely comment about me in your LJ, it really made me feel all 'awwww' inside hehe xxxxxx

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4:49PM - Cat emotion thingys

ok i know i only just updated but look at the little cats i changed are emotions to charni. they are so kool cats r the best animals ever, and these ones r very sweet. But not as sweet as Picasso of course


Current mood: happy

4:30PM - I dont know what 2 put here

heya guys, well after a v.boring day at school i came home and managed to fall asleep on the sofa for about an hour. i managed to rip of my nail today being the clever person that i am, and now it hurts. Yesterday was my sisters 18 bday it was preety kool we all went out for a meal at blubeckers which i havent been too since i was like 5. I m going to gig with charni tomoz at the maltings. It think its gonna be pretty good ive never been to the maltings before but the line up is good. Plus after im going back 2 charni's house so we can have more deep conversations while eating cheese straws:) I hope u feeling better today love

Love ya all Fee

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

9:58PM - Tix

I know I just updated, but please please please guys, don't let me forget to book my Eighteen Visions and Atreyu tickets. Please, I keep forgetting them, if you can remind me at school tomorrow, and I'll book them in the evening. I love you guys, thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx

9:34PM - The Pink Caravans

Hey LJ

Hmm, interesting day. I woke up and *really* didn't wanna get out of bed, it was one of those feelings where you'd do anything not to get out. And then got up, and felt really ill. So anyways, I went in cuz I have had far too much time of school already, and in reg I felt *really* ill, and Nat asked if I was ok, cuz I didn't look it. I felt really nasty :( which was horrible. But I felt better at first break, because it was then I officially became a member of The Pink Caravans haha. I'm playing the drums for them, and although I can't play them at the mo, I'm learning (from Tom who taught me during Maths and RE, and you said you'd read this so if you are, thank you, I love you! xxx). We're having a band practise on Sat, which should be cooel :-)
So then, PE. Arrrrrrrgh, we had to go out in the cold! Me and Marney were complaining so much at this, but we weren't allowed in. We were in the snow! Bloody PE. I'm not fat, I don't *need* to do it. Argh.
And then I did Maths club, yeup, I'm cool. It was suprisingly good, I got my hw done, and I got a biscuit by going (god, I'm easy to win over aren't I hehe, just feed me) and it meant I don't have to be stuck on my hw tonight, so that was good.
But then I've ben the shittest mood since I got in from school :( Like really really down. It's horrible! I really hate feeling sad, but this yar has been so crap, and this week has been so long, and I don't feel v well, and I'm sorry I need to stop complaining. I just wish this year would pick up. The number of times people have said 'it'll get better' to me, IT DOESN'T HELP. It's been horrible, I've hated it:( I just want everything to be like it was a few years ago, when everything was good again.
However, some people have been completely amazing to me these past few weeks :)I checked my e-mail today and got the nicest e-mail ever from Han, I was like awwww! She's been too cool for school to me recently, no matter how much I've been like sad or pissed off or just wanted a moan. Like at the Westy a lil while ago, she made me feel tons better by txting me, I was like awww :) I love you Han, thanks xxxxx
Tom's also been great, he's so lovely and is always there for meand is generally a lovely person and one of my best friends and thanks for always listening to me as well, I love you as well!
And Fe and Laur.. well, I love them *like this* thanks so much guys for making me laugh and for being so sweet and for doing our cool stuff like eating pizza and Mr Freezes and getting coffees and for calling me and seeing how I am and asking me out places and for generally being there

I'm sorry I'm in such a crap mood, I really am. Sorry guys love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

8:46PM - Woo first post

Hmm.. soo first post. I know I swore I'd never use LJ but yes, Fe and I thought we'd do one cuz we were bored, basically. And also, we want to write down what we do and all our funny lil quotes so we have something to look back on at the end of the year and giggle about :-)

Sooo.. half term recently. This was cool, spent a *lot* of time in Fleet, in Moccachino's (where the woman had a go at Mart, silly wang), and seeing fruends and getting photos, which is now an obsession of ours. Also, I went to the Septembre gig, which was amaaaazing, I am in love with Terry and the bassist (anyone atcully know his name? He's just like the nameless guy who plays bass.. how odd hehe) they are sexual beasts. Oh my god! We went to Snap!:D I know it's loserish, but it was so much fun haha. Even Mart got in cuz Nat was ace and knew one of the people who ran Snap. It was well cool, up until the point we got started on. Yeah! *WE* got started on, by like these crappy lil year 7's. To make matters worse, they were pikey. :| Lou went to the toilette, and they told her it was women's only. Ruude! And then they said to Fe, who was wearing her DM's, 'where did you get them from? The greebo shop?' And so Fe replies with '*add sarcasm* Yes. Yes that's right, I did.' How classic is that?
Aah that made me giggle. When we were dancing along to fat choons, maybe something like 50 Cent, they started on us again! There we were us just dancing happily, and then they came over asking if we wanted a fight! Blantantly not, since you are 10. Bedtiiiime! Alas, no. They kept on and on coming over, and tried to pick a fight with Lou. Mart was our knight in shining amour (as Han put it) and stepped in. Lucky for them, we'd have kicked their ass. However, Emma decided enough was enough, and now was the time to use violence. Then the security guards came over, and it was all a mess. Us girlies even had to be escorted when we needed to excuse ourselves. *sigh*

Also this hols, we went to Camden, which was amazingly classic, cuz we were by a stall and me and Mart were walking in front of Em, Fe and Han, and I go, 'ooh look, an orgasmatron!' but then walked off with El Martino. However, the man that possessed the orgamatron followed, and Fe called out 'Mart, watch out! You're just about to be orgasmatronned!!' But he didn't hear, and the guy orgasmatronned him. Aaah twas so funny!

Yesterday we went to Bluewater avec Laur. It was the first time I'd been, absolutely mahoosive. Jesus. I love it there though! I got a really cute little cat bag, and the sweetest purse ever aww. They were both from Strawberry Bunny, which is an amazing shop. I even got a free cute lil pink bag! Was a really nice day :-)
We saw the coolest card ever in Paperchase too! It was called 'the Madness Hamsters' and it had a lil cartoon of hamsters, and underneath it it had the poem, which went as folllows... 'Every night they visit you, every night they come, and bit by bit they steal your brain and feed it to your mum' this made us collapse in laughter, cuz it's just too cool for school. When me and Fe go up to London not this weekend but next to see Karn8 at the Peel, we're gonna pop into Paperchase and buy it, and we'll bring it into schoolio and show you guys :D

Errm I don't think anything much else happened over the hols.. however, the following classic quotes were made:

Han, to Mart while eating a McDs 'do you mind if I kneel down in front of you'
Mart's reply 'oh, by all means'

Tom to Mart (this was just before the hols, for my Bday. He was talking about Physics at A-Level) 'is it rock hard?'
Mart 'well...not at the moment ;)' hahahahaa


There's tons more which I can't think of atm. Hmmm.

Oki cool, sorry I wrote so much I'm sorry guys! Love you loads, we'll update soon
Love you all....Like this! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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