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The Pink Caravans

Hey LJ

Hmm, interesting day. I woke up and *really* didn't wanna get out of bed, it was one of those feelings where you'd do anything not to get out. And then got up, and felt really ill. So anyways, I went in cuz I have had far too much time of school already, and in reg I felt *really* ill, and Nat asked if I was ok, cuz I didn't look it. I felt really nasty :( which was horrible. But I felt better at first break, because it was then I officially became a member of The Pink Caravans haha. I'm playing the drums for them, and although I can't play them at the mo, I'm learning (from Tom who taught me during Maths and RE, and you said you'd read this so if you are, thank you, I love you! xxx). We're having a band practise on Sat, which should be cooel :-)
So then, PE. Arrrrrrrgh, we had to go out in the cold! Me and Marney were complaining so much at this, but we weren't allowed in. We were in the snow! Bloody PE. I'm not fat, I don't *need* to do it. Argh.
And then I did Maths club, yeup, I'm cool. It was suprisingly good, I got my hw done, and I got a biscuit by going (god, I'm easy to win over aren't I hehe, just feed me) and it meant I don't have to be stuck on my hw tonight, so that was good.
But then I've ben the shittest mood since I got in from school :( Like really really down. It's horrible! I really hate feeling sad, but this yar has been so crap, and this week has been so long, and I don't feel v well, and I'm sorry I need to stop complaining. I just wish this year would pick up. The number of times people have said 'it'll get better' to me, IT DOESN'T HELP. It's been horrible, I've hated it:( I just want everything to be like it was a few years ago, when everything was good again.
However, some people have been completely amazing to me these past few weeks :)I checked my e-mail today and got the nicest e-mail ever from Han, I was like awwww! She's been too cool for school to me recently, no matter how much I've been like sad or pissed off or just wanted a moan. Like at the Westy a lil while ago, she made me feel tons better by txting me, I was like awww :) I love you Han, thanks xxxxx
Tom's also been great, he's so lovely and is always there for meand is generally a lovely person and one of my best friends and thanks for always listening to me as well, I love you as well!
And Fe and Laur.. well, I love them *like this* thanks so much guys for making me laugh and for being so sweet and for doing our cool stuff like eating pizza and Mr Freezes and getting coffees and for calling me and seeing how I am and asking me out places and for generally being there

I'm sorry I'm in such a crap mood, I really am. Sorry guys love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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