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Heya we're Fe and Charni.. basically just look at our interests below :P
36 crazyfists, 4ft fingers, a perfect circle, alexisonfire, anti nowhere league, anti-flag, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, biffy clyro, blazers, bleeding through, bluewater, bob marley, brides of destruction, bullet for my valentine, camden, cheap sex, chocolate, choking victim, closer, coal chamber, converge, crass, cuddles, days in december, dead petic, deftones, dms, donnie darko, dope, dropkick murphys, eating, eighteen visions, exploited, eyeliner, f-minus, fashion, friends, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, glitter, gwen stefani, hell is for heroes, hugs, in flames, jack off jill, jake gyllenhaal, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, johnny truant, jude law, katatonia, killswitch engage, kisses, kittie, kmfdm, lacuna coil, leftover crack, lip gloss, london, love, machine head, marilyn manson, maroon 5, memories, million dead, motley crue, my chemical romance, nail varnish, operation ivy, passenger, photos, pink, pirates of the caribbean, polka dots, punk fashion, queen adreena, rammstein, rancid, reuben, rise against, ruffle skirts, salem, scarfs, scarling, send more paramdeics, septembre, sex pistols, sexual beasts, sham 69, shape of my addiction, shirts under v-necks, shopping, sikth, silverstein, sissor sisters, sleeping, snow patrol, sunshine, sweetness, tack, the bronx, the casulties, the clash, the crow, the cure, the damned, the devotchkas, the distillers, the hurt process, the killers, the sea, therapy?, thisgirl, tokyo fashion, topshop tights, total chaos, uk subs, us bombs, wangs, watts, wheels and dolls baby